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September 16, 2016 in Blog

5 Ways to Get to Whistler

You’ve heard a lot about Whistler. You’re ready to experience to snowy winters, the sun-soaked summers, the epic mountains, and the stunning golf courses. But first, you need to get here. It’s not quite as simple as booking a flight directly to Whistler. The closest major airport,... Read more
July 13, 2016 in Blog Lifestyle

7 Benefits of Living in the Resort Town of Whistler

The benefits of living in Whistler Whistler is a very desirable place, to visit and to live. Most people have heard of Whistler before and of those people, the majority most probably wish they could spend more time here or live here permanently. Ask any Whistler local and they will tell you about... Read more
May 26, 2016 in Blog

Discovering Pemberton

One of the Sea to Sky area’s best kept secrets is hidden just 30 minutes north of Whistler. To be truthful, “hidden” probably isn’t the best word to describe Pemberton – its towering mountains are hard to miss, and it’s easy to access by way of Highway 99. Yet the village of... Read more
April 27, 2016 in Blog

Sellers: Here’s What Buyers Are Looking For

If you’re considering selling your Whistler property, it’s helpful to know what buyers are looking for. Understanding the priorities of potential purchasers can help with staging, marketing, and ultimately, the sale of your property. It can also be useful information when considering any... Read more
March 15, 2016 in Blog Whistler Real Estate

How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent

You have made the decision to enter the real estate game as a buyer or seller- your next step is to choose a real estate agent to represent you through the process. Choosing a designated agent, an agent that solely represents and acts for you, is the easiest way to navigate through the real estate... Read more
February 14, 2016 in Blog Lifestyle

8 Tips For Staging Your Home For Sale

 First impressions are everything when showing your home to prospective buyers, and staging your home for sale is the easiest (and cheapest) was to create a positive first impression. I am sure you can think of a time when you’ve entered someone’s home and immediately felt at ease and... Read more