• November 11, 2015
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If you haven’t heard, big things are happening in the Whistler real estate market.

Demand for housing is on the increase, and inventory – the number of properties presently listed on the market – is at an all time low. Prices are working their way upwards, and it’s a great time to be seller.

But beware: being in a seller’s market does not mean that sellers can get lazy. In fact, with property transactions moving after a faster pace than we’ve seen at a long time, sellers need to be proactive and on top of things in order to see their properly sell at the right price.

Here are five common mistakes that sellers make, and how you can avoid them.

Pricing Arbitrarily

Yes, we’re in a hot market. No, buyers won’t pay “anything” for a Whistler property.

Buyers are smart. They want good value for their hard-earned dollars. They have access to recent sales and comparable properties listed for sale. They’re able to see what you initially bought your house for. They’re coming into their property hunt prepared and informed.

As a seller, that means that you need to be realistic about pricing your property. I’m happy to provide you with the facts and to help you price your property strategically – in other words, set a price that allows will invite some action, but that will ensure that you come out of the negotiation feeling good.

Neglecting Repairs

You don’t necessarily need to replace your roof or undertake huge renovations prior to selling your property, but it is a very good idea to take care of minor repairs around the home.

Fix dripping faucets. Replace burned out light bulbs. Tend to the broken closet door.

These are the types of issues that buyers notice immediately the very first time they see your property. If the very basics aren’t in a good state of repair, the buyer is thinking, “Okay – what else that I can’t see has this owner neglected?”

Tackling your home maintenance to do list will help give buyers confidence that you’ve taken good care of your property.

Jumping the Gun

The market’s hot, and you want to sell right now.

Hold up – we have some work to do before listing your property.

The first step is for us to sit down together and go over what needs to happen before your property is listed on the market. Properties are selling faster and faster, meaning you need to be on top of everything in order to avoid last minute scrambling.

An offer on your home will often have “subjects” that are conditional on the buyer receiving important information from you, the seller, like strata documents for a town home or condominium.

If we get organized now, we won’t have to worry about the deal falling apart due to lack of preparation.

Postponing the Clean Up

If you’re listing your property for sale, odds are good that you’ll be moving very soon. Now is the time to get a head start on your packing. Bonus: this will help you stage your property, making it easier for prospective buyers to picture themselves living in your home.

I’ll be happy to help you identify what extra pieces of furniture should head into storage, or what personal items should be packed away now. We can even get a professional stager to come in and transform your property into something more market-friendly. A properly staged property can help you maximize the final sales price.

Being Unavailable

Whistler is a unique market in that many potential buyers come from out of town. They often have short windows of time in which they’re available to view properties.

Whether you like it or not, there are going to be some last minute requests. It’s in the seller’s best interest to make the property available for viewings as often as possible, even when it isn’t always convenient. After all, you never know whether the person on the other side will be the one who buys your home!

As your Realtor(r), I’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your property sale goes as smoothly as possible. Contact me to get started!