• August 17, 2017
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If you’ve been considering buying a holiday home and are trying to choose the right location let us convince you why Whistler is it. As a year-round tourist destination that is seeing year-on-year growth, a booming property market and a bright future ahead, there is nothing but positive news coming out of this resort town right now. Add to this a low barrier to foreign investment and you see why those from outside of Canada are choosing to buy here in Whistler. If you’ve been seeking a holiday home where you can enjoy fresh mountain air, world-class skiing and nature at its finest, here are six reasons to choose Whistler as the place to buy.

  1. Perfect Holiday Destination

A holiday really doesn’t get any better than in Whistler. No matter what time of year you are here there is something exciting going on. Many people first discover Whistler during the winter season. It has been rated the #1 ski resort in North America numerous times in the last decade. After visiting for a winter, they then discover that Whistler’s summer season is just as spectacular (they come for the winter and stay for the summer is what the locals often say). With mountain biking, hiking, back-country exploring and watersports accessible between April and October, Whistler truly is a year-round destination. Even the shoulder seasons are chocked full of events with food, wine, arts or outdoor themes.

  1. The Investment Makes Sense

The year-round resort status of Whistler means tourists are here in steady numbers all year long. For your holiday home investment, this means a busy booking calendar that is 365 days long. Occupancy in Whistler is growing each year and average daily hotels rates increased 30% last year in Whistler Village. With low vacancy, high visitation numbers and strong rates, rental yields are extremely high in Whistler. Not to mention the property price growth we are seeing. The median sales price in Whistler went up 35.65% between July 2015 and July 2017. The Canadian dollar is also relatively low so if buying from the US the time has never been better.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Whistler may feel like it’s away from it all but in reality, it’s only 2 hours from Vancouver International Airport. There are plenty of transportation options to get you to Whistler from Vancouver and once you’re here, getting around is easy. Positioned at an elevation of 670 meters above sea level, surrounded by staggering mountains peaks and vast expanses of wilderness, the natural setting is remote but the conveniences of Whistler Village make you feel like you’re in a cosmopolitan centre on the top of the world.

  1. The Future is Bright

In 2016 Whistler Blackcomb was acquired by Vail Resorts, an American Resort entity which owns a handful of other ski resorts around the world. This acquisition will give Whistler an even bigger platform on the US stage for American visitors. Also recently announced was the Renaissance Project. This $345 million-dollar project which is set to take shape over the next several years will include an indoor water park, an indoor athletes training centre, expansion to the current lift network, upgrades to the Blackcomb Base, bike park expansions and residential and hotel developments.

  1. Low Barrier to Foreign Ownership

As a non-resident buyer there are few restrictions to buying in Whistler. The foreign buyer’s tax of 15% does not apply here. Although the process differs slightly for foreign buyers, a larger deposit required for start, it is much easier to buy as a non-resident in Whistler than other parts of the world (and other parts of Canada too!). For more information on buying in Whistler as a non-resident make sure to read this handy guide.

  1. It’s Good For Your Health

Studies show that owning a holiday home is good for your health. This is multiplied when your holiday home is in a location that boasts the freshest air, cleanest water and most active people on the planet. Even the most sedentary will be inspired to embrace the adventure that is Whistler. Whether that means more time spent outdoors, biking, cross-country skiing, downhill mountain biking or snowboarding, the outdoor recreation is endless and suitable to people of all fitness and activity levels. However you look at it, living in Whistler is good for your health.

Hopefully now you are convinced that Whistler is THE spot for your new holiday home. If you have any questions about what it’s like living here or about the process of buying property in Whistler, make sure to contact Lance Lundy. I specialize in helping resident and non-resident buyers purchasing holiday homes and investment properties in Whistler.