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When buying a property, you want nothing left to surprise. You can rest assured I will provide you with accurate, honest answers to all of your questions, and I will explain all of our real estate terms and practices so you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way. We will screen and view properties until we find the right one for you, as well as estimate transaction costs and establish your range of affordability. I will provide you with every service necessary to make your transaction a pleasant and worry-free experience.

About the Whistler Market

There are very few of us Whistlerites who do not believe that investing here is a wise decision. It may sound as though we are biased, however, it is founded on sound business principles, as well as a decision to choose the lifestyle that Whistler has to offer. The Whistler market is thriving and continually gaining momentum compared to other areas of Canada. Whistler is all about the mountain lifestyle and quality of life; the fact that it’s a good real estate investment is a bonus!

The Whistler Market is made up of chalets, condos, duplexes, and townhouse units. Condos are further divided into Phase 1 (unrestricted) and Phase 2 (restricted) units.

Phase 1 units are usually one and two-bedroom condo units generally found in “lodge” type buildings. There are no restrictions on owner usage, but organized rental programs are available for those times when the owner is not using the unit. Phase 2 units are generally studio, one and two-bedroom condos incorporated into an ongoing hotel operation. The owners’ number of days for personal use is restricted, but benefits include revenue, potential tax shelter, and various hotel services and facilities. This type of unit is best suited to the occasional visitor to Whistler or for the investor interested in revenue only.

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Purchasing a Whistler or Pemberton property can be exciting, but stressful – particularly if you are not familiar with our local real estate market. My goal in creating this guide specifically for Whistler/Pemberton area purchasers is to help inform and educate you about the property-purchase process. I hope you will feel confident as we work together towards the purchase of your dream property.

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