Imagine owning a second home in Whistler for 50% of the costs!

Are you an avid skier who would only use a property in the winter or perhaps a snow bird who prefers to fly to warmer climates during the winter months? Ownermatch has created Exclusive Co-Ownership for people just like yourselves preparing a pre-determined schedule for usage for properties that are professionally managed. You benefit from a second home in the resort of your choice and only pay for half the costs.

Present owners can sell a half interest of their existing property and free up capital for other investments and new buyers can purchase a half interest in a resort/community that they might not have previously been able to afford.

If this sounds interesting, read Ownermatch International’s Exclusive Co-Ownership Information Sheet here and then give me a call to discuss if this arrangement could work for you.

It IS possible to live for 6 months in a ski resort and 6 months in a beach/summer/golf community for the price of one property!