• October 31, 2019
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Winter in Whistler - home energy saving tips for winter


The days are getting shorter and the air progressively cooler — winter is coming! Winter in Whistler is an amazing time of year. As the snow begins to accumulate, the mountains transform into a winter playground with endless fun. But with winter, comes colder temperatures and subsequently, higher energy bills. 

Don’t let an expensive energy bill ruin your winter fun! Use these home energy saving tips for winter to help lower the cost:


Bundle Up

Wearing the right clothes can help you keep warm and allow you to turn your thermostat down. That doesn’t mean having to wear big bulky sweaters or your grandmother’s unsightly long underwear all of the time. Thermal layers are available in fashionable styles and fits, allowing you to be comfortable and look good at the same time. 

Keeping extra blankets easily accessible around the house is another way to keep cozy.


Floor Rugs

Floor rugs not only look great, but they also serve a functional purpose when it comes to keeping your house warm. A rug can help insulate your floors, making them warmer to walk on and keep the ambient air temperature up without having to increase your thermostat.


Wasted Space

Heating unsued or uninsulated rooms is an unnecessary expense. Block off unused rooms by keeping doors and registers closed. If a room is uninsulated, you are literally heating the outdoors! If you wish to keep spaces such as a garage or a crawlspace warm, install the proper insulation to reduce heating loss.


Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace will be running constantly throughout the winter. Proper maintenance and care will help it run efficiently and reduce energy consumption. Checking furnace filters regularly during the winter months is an important task. Set reminders on your calendar to maintain an inspection schedule. 



As the days get shorter, we tend to use our lighting much more and this can cause a significant increase in our energy bills. Investing in technology such as automatic timers, motion sensors and solar panels will help ensure your lights are on only when they are needed and cut down on energy costs. 

Using these home energy saving tips for winter will help you cut down your costs and allow you to spend your money on fun winter treats like hot cocoa and new ski gear! 


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