In most real estate markets, the spring is the best time to be selling a home, for multiple reasons. Some of the most common reasons why the spring is so popular include increased supply, increased demand, more landscaping and curb appeal. Regardless, once the temperatures start to rise and the daylight lingers longer, those homeowners who have decided they will be selling their home during the seasonal rush begin the process of readying themselves and their home for the market. But how does one prepare for the spring real estate market?

Choose A Realtor

One of the most important components of a successful home sale in a busy real estate market is correctly hiring a real estate agent. The right agent will have a thorough knowledge of the surrounding area, current market information and will consult with a seller to create a game plan that will lead to a successful and enjoyable home selling experience.

Choose When To List Your Home

Contrary to what many sellers believe, timing the spring real estate market is very important. Listing a home for sale too early or too late can cost a seller thousands of dollars. Your real estate agent will discuss with a homeowner about the current market conditions in order to determine exactly when to list their home for sale. This is done through analyzing past statistics from previous years to see when the best time to list a home for sale in a
particular neighborhood.

Preparing Your Home

Once a seller has determined their real estate agent and when they will sell, they can begin preparing themselves, their family and their home for the sale. It’s very important that when selling a home, whether it’s during the spring or not, that a seller understands what is needed to make their home as appealing as possible. This includes staging the home, internal and external updates as well as repairs. Additionally, homeowners need to prepare themselves for a potential move!

Spring is considered “real estate rush hour” and can be a great time to sell your home. With the help of your real estate agent and by following the above tips, selling your home during this time period can be an enjoyable and relatively simple process. If you haven’t chosen a real estate agent, contact Lance Lundy to discuss how he can help you achieve your Whistler and Pemberton real estate goals.