You have made the decision to enter the real estate game as a buyer or seller- your next step is to choose a real estate agent to represent you through the process. Choosing a designated agent, an agent that solely represents and acts for you, is the easiest way to navigate through the real estate procedure. Your designated agent has the responsibility to provide undivided loyalty to you, protect your negotiating position at all times and disclose all known facts to you that could impact your decisions. So in a competitive market with plenty of Realtors how do you choose which one is right for you?


Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is always a powerful way to find a Realtor®. Likely your friends and family have been involved in real estate transactions near you and can recommend or advise against certain Realtors in your area. Referral business is generally considered to be the number one way clients choose Realtors. Being able to see through lists of credentials and flashy marketing tactics, the reliable and first-hand experience of friends and family is one of the easiest and safest ways to choose a Realtor®. If you don’t know someone who can recommend a local Realtor®, check out online testimonials to get a good understanding of people’s experiences.


Experience and Credentials

Finding a Realtor® with several years in the industry who also has credentials and awards to support their experience is a safe option when deciding on a Realtor®. Choosing a real estate agent working for a brokerage that is a member of a governing board such as The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver is a good place to start. Looking for Realtors with industry awards such as Medallion Club Members shows consistent high-level achievements in the industry.


Specialist Knowledge

Are you looking to sell a multi-million dollar home, or perhaps want to purchase a ski-in ski-out investment property? Look for Realtors who have sold similar properties. You can do this by checking out recent listings. By choosing a Realtor® with specialized knowledge and proven success selling similar home types you can assume they have the skills and experience to assist with your real estate transaction and the contacts and industry networks required to get the job done with the best results possible.


Listen to your Gut

After speaking with a handful of Realtors you should get a pretty good feeling the best one to represent you throughout the real estate process. If a Realtor® comes across too strong, or seems out of touch with your needs and wants, don’t ignore the unsettled feeling in your gut. When you come across the right Realtor® you will feel at ease and comfortable and should have a sense that the Realtor® clearly understands your real estate goals and objectives.


Buying or selling your home will most likely be one of the biggest transactions you will ever make. Aside from the large monetary expenditure the legalities surrounding the real estate process are complex, and having an experienced and professional Realtor® by your side to navigate the process is of utmost importance. Choosing the right Realtor® is a combination asking friends and family, assessing credentials and experience, finding a Realtor with experience in your segment of the market, and listening to your gut. Do your homework before you choose that Realtor® with the fanciest ad and whitest smile, and make sure you choose from a sample of qualified and experienced Realtors in your area.

Lance Lundy located in Whistler, BC has over 25 years of real estate experience (and over 20 in the Whistler market). He is the Realtor® that friends recommend to friends and offers a whole new level of service to his clients. Contact Lance today!