• March 25, 2010
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John Furlong was recently the keynote speaker at the Whistler Chamber of Commerce luncheon and it felt like he was the coach inspiring his players as he spoke about how we all need to get behind the Olympics and put our best foot forward as “the world” will soon be here.

He has asked that we all embrace the spirit of the games here in Whistler and reminded us that we all have a role to play in its’ success. He asked that we “own a piece of the spirit” and help out, whether it was volunteering or offering a bed for a volunteer or something as simple as accepting and following VANOC’s transportation plan for the duration of the games.

The speaker reminded us all that the torch relay is now more than halfway through its’ journey and it is scheduled to arrive here in Whistler on February 5th and then move on to Vancouver for the opening ceremonies on February 12th. What an exciting time this will be for all of us here in Whistler.

Furlong mentioned that as we are all working hard here in Whistler to make everything happen, Canadians across the country are standing up and cheering loud for what is going on here. He also spoke about the many challenges that have been faced along the way and that this year has been particularly challenging in light of the global economic crisis. In his words, “it was a year dominated by trying to make the project fit within the available resources.” He told those in attendance, “ we will deliver these Games for a balanced budget….we must”.

Mr. Furlong said there were three things that he had on his mind. He would like to see the Opening Ceremonies set the stage for a great Games, with that wow factor everyone will be talking about. He wants to see the athletes achieve what they have set out to achieve and he wants to see the transportation plan go off without a hitch. He reminded us once again that we all have a role to play in making these things happen.