Two new private secondary schools are coming to the Sea to Sky Corridor. One to the South, is affiliated with Quest University and has an academic bent. The other, to the North, is affiliated with a private school in Ontario, Hill Academy, is focused on athletics. So what about the one in the middle? What about Whistler’s own Waldorf school?

The school in Whistler was launched in 2000, through the efforts of three founding families. The demand for other education choices has meant that the school has grown exponentially. Recently, the school, which had only serviced the Kindergarten to grade 7 sector until two years ago, is now adding a secondary grade a year until 2015 when they will reach grade 12.
The mission statement of the Whistler Waldorf School is “to educate each child with reverence and respect; to nurture wonder, confidence and initiative so they may participate in the world guided by a sense of truth and responsibility.” I think this is something we all would like for our children, so it is not surprising that more and more families in the community are taking their children to the private facility in Spruce Grove. To meet this demand, the school has brought on four new state-of-the-art portable classrooms. These classrooms are eco-friendly and innovative design that uses Structural Insulated Panels which drastically reduces energy use.
The class rooms are also easy to disassemble, which will make them easy to transport to the Waldorf’s new campus at WedgeWood, where they plan on moving in 2015. I love the fact that there are so many educational options available, without having to leave the Sea to Sky Corridor.
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