• July 31, 2019
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open house

Attending an open house is a great opportunity to really get to know a listing. Although modern technology has given us advances such as 360-degree photos and virtual tours, nothing beats physically walking through a house to truly get a feel of what it would be like to live there.

Lucky for house hunters, many of the Whistler real estate listings offer open house opportunities. In order to make the most of a Whistler open house, here are my suggestions on 4 things to remember during an open house. 


Take Your Time

Buying a home is not meant to be a hasty decision. It’s a big financial commitment for most and can be a big lifestyle change for some. An open house is meant to be an opportunity for homebuyers to explore a home and offers a chance to picture themselves living there. When attending an open house, don’t rush through the home — Take your time! Go to every room and take note of things like lighting and storage space. Look closely at details such as repairs and maintenance that may need to be done. If timing permits, it’s also suggested to view the house once, leave, and return at a later time or day to view it again. 


Be Realistic

Buying a home can be a very overwhelming process. Some homebuyers can find themselves caught up in emotional thoughts, putting their rational thinking aside. To avoid getting caught off guard, we suggest creating a list prior to house hunting or attending an open house. Your list should include things like overall budget, amount of time/money you’d be willing to put into renovations if needed, must-have’s and “would-like-have’s”. Having a clear plan enables you to stay focused and make better decisions. 


Ask Questions

The whole purpose of an open house is for prospective homebuyers to get to know a listing on a more personal level. The listing agent or their associates will be present and should be utilized as needed. If you have any questions at all about the home, do not hesitate to ask. Asking questions will help you avoid any surprises or confusion further into the buying process if you do happen to make an offer. 


Bring an Agent

Bringing an agent with you is highly recommended. Of course, there will most likely be an agent on-site during the open house, but it is important to remember that this agent is, in fact, representing the seller. Having someone there on your side could ultimately save you time and money. A trusted realtor can guide you through the open house and will often notice things you may overlook. 


Buying a house may seem like a complicated process, but I am here to ensure the process is seamless, every step of the way. If you would like any advice regarding buying a house, whether you’re at the first stage or the last, please contact me.