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Is Whistler A Good Investment?

There are very few of us Whistlerites who do not believe that investing here is a wise decision. Of course it may sound as though we are somewhat bias in our belief, however it is founded on sound business principals as well as a decision to choose the lifestyle that Whistler has to offer. Whistler is all about lifestyle and the quality of life; the fact that it’s a good real estate investment is a bonus!

Like any other real estate market, Whistler has had its ups and downs as we have all seen economic upturns and downturns through the years. The most recent economic hiccup in 2008 sent the world economy into a tailspin and there was no doubt that Whistler felt the same effects as the rest of the world. Our local economy has come out of the 2008 fiasco in brilliant form and we now see our market thriving and gaining momentum. Whistler real estate prices are better than prices in the Lower Mainland, which despite the doom and gloom forecasts have held steady compared with the rest of the country. The current median price of a Whistler condo is around $378,500; the same level as 2001 prices.

The majority of our buyers are originating from the Lower Mainland and we believe this is a direct result of the improved road (1 hour and twenty minute commute) and the prices. Whistler is “GOOD VALUE” and is not only a “GOOD INVESTMENT” from a buyers point of view, but it’s also reasonable to live here full time.

The real estate market in Whistler, like everywhere else is influenced heavily by supply and demand. With “build out” looming around the corner Whistlers’ inventory levels are traditionally lower than normal when matched to the high demand from investors around the globe. Many people view Whistler as being a safe haven and after reviewing their priorities in life many are beginning to take the time to enjoy their home away from home right here in Whistler. Whistler and all that it has to offer in both winter and summer is the perfect get-away for many families and I believe that it will continue to be a good choice for many years to come.

So yes, I believe Whistler to be a great investment opportunity and I look forward to assisting you find the right Whistler property for you and your family.