“Do I rent or buy?”

It’s a question you’ll likely ask yourself at least once in your lifetime. If you’ve chosen to make Whistler home it’s a question you should ask yourself every so often because the answer might change over time. Your circumstances, job, savings and lifestyle all effect your response and if buying wasn’t an option when you arrived fresh off the bus however many years ago it might be an option now. The folks at Whistler Real Estate have a summarised why you should rent and why you should buy on their blog, so if you are pondering this very question, read the article here: http://www.whistlerrealestate.ca/blog/default/14-10-16/To_Own_or_Rent_What_Makes_More_Sense.aspx

If you decide the time is right to move from renting to buy a property here in Whistler or Pemberton, contact Lance to discuss your options, if would be our pleasure to assist you in finding the right home to fit your lifestyle.