• April 27, 2016
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If you’re considering selling your Whistler property, it’s helpful to know what buyers are looking for. Understanding the priorities of potential purchasers can help with staging, marketing, and ultimately, the sale of your property. It can also be useful information when considering any upgrades or renovations you may be contemplating before listing your property.

Here are five trends I’ve noticed in the current seller’s market that Whistler is experiencing.

Affordable Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes – or chalets, as we call them here in Whistler – serve as the perfect home base for locals, weekenders, and those seeking a second (or third) home in the mountains.

Not all buyers are looking for ultra luxurious chalets – many simply want a well-built place that they can call home. Frills are nice, but not necessary to these buyers, who typically seek a property in the under $1.5 million range. This category includes older homes, traditional ski chalets, and properties built in neighbourhoods like Emerald Estates and Alpine Meadows.

Light and Bright

When it comes to décor trends, the current look is all about light and bright. Whitewashed walls, minimalist décor, and plenty of natural light are what seem to be en vogue.

As a seller, this trend can be incorporated in many different ways: try a fresh lick of white paint, swapping out darker home accessories for lighter ones, or simply pulling back the blinds and cleaning the windows to let in more natural sunlight.

Solid Fundamentals

With the low level of inventory and high demand we’re experiencing right now, buyers know that they can’t necessarily get exactly what they want. As such, they care less about cosmetic details and are focusing instead on the fundamentals. This includes factors that can’t be changed with a simple renovation or some landscaping; think lot shape and size, property orientation, location, and the home’s layout. Buyers may be willing to overlook some factors, such as outdated décor, if the house has good bones.

A Good Investment by the Mountain

Even in a slow market, the one type of property that Whistler buyers can’t seem to get enough of is a well-located townhome or condominium that offers lucrative rental potential.

If you own a Phase I multifamily unit that’s close to the lifts (particularly around Whistler Village and the Benchlands) and has the potential to generate a good revenue for its owners, you’re in luck – chances are good that your property’s listing is going to generate quite a bit of interest.

Nearby Opportunities

It’s not just Whistler homeowners who are experiencing a hot real estate market; our neighbours to the north and south are feeling the heat, too.

Pemberton and Squamish are both seeing an increase in the demand for properties. As is the case in Whistler, listings in these two wonderful communities are becoming increasingly scarce as buyers who either can’t afford Whistler or are simply seeking different opportunities are snatching up inventory.

Pemberton and Squamish properties offer excellent value and lots of potential for future growth. Interested in buying or selling here? Just let me know.


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