• January 10, 2019
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It might seem daunting starting the New Year and trying to sell your home. Here are some tips for selling your house in January, and ways to make it easier.

Inviting interior lighting

Now the Holiday decorations have come down, your house may be feeling a little darker. Getting some extra tasteful lighting can really make your house look warm and inviting, especially in January. Be creative with decorative lights and use different types of bulbs to create an atmosphere.

Clear Snow and Ice and have a place for boots

Make sure you keep your walkways and drives clear to make it easier and more enticing for people coming in and out of your property. You should have a designated area for coats and shows that looks organized.

Advertise Summer too

Although they’re looking at houses in Winter, potential buyers will want to know the year round features of Whistler too. Show they photos of spring and summer as well and talk about how Whistler is a great place all year round, not just in the Winter.

Make your home look cozy

Making your home look cozy can be as simple as turning the heat on and lighting some unscented candles. If you have a gas fireplace or wood burning fire, potential buyers can see themselves more at home.

Take Advantage of Winter Sales

Winter sales are the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some fresh new furniture and spruce up your home. Your house will look far more inviting with a fresh new look, and buying new things will give you the chance to declutter. Having an early spring clean, repainting and fixing minor repairs makes your house look more appealing. Plus you’ll feel more confident selling if your happy with the way your house looks.

Sell Whistler

Everyone loves coming to Whistler, so use that to your advantage when speaking to potential buyers. Talk up how convenient it is to have the mountains on your doorstep and how much you love the village atmosphere. If your street has regular snow clearing, tell them about that. If you live close to the supermarket or if your condo is ski in ski out, that will really help to entice potential buyers. Research all the positive things about your neighbourhood in particular and use that to your advantage.

Choose the right realtor

Having the right person to guide you through the selling process can make all the difference. I’m always here to offer you the right advice to make selling your home a smooth process.