• November 13, 2018
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Often the winter season can be quiet for many real estate markets, as bad weather discourages people from buying a home. But this is not the case in Whistler, where homes look arguably their most beautiful and most cosy in the midst of fresh white snowfall. Whistler’s market is competitive year-round. This means that if you decide to sell in the winter you will need make your home as inviting as possible to make sure it stands out. Here are our tips for improving your home’s marketing methodology, to make the process of selling your home much easier this winter.


Make it look inviting

A warm and cosy atmosphere will give buyers an incentive to linger in your home to avoid the cold outdoors. To make your home feel like a welcome respite from the harsh weather, turn up the thermostat a few hours prior to visitors arriving. Or – even better – if you have a wood-burning fireplace, light it up and let it glow during the showing. Plenty of light will make your property look as bright and inviting as possible. If natural light isn’t flooding through your windows at the time of the viewings, make sure all lamps and lights are on to create a bright space.


Make sure it’s safe

First impressions matter. People will be judging your home before they even step inside it, so it’s important to make sure the exterior is well-kept. If your home is difficult – or even dangerous – to get to, they will leave thinking that it isn’t well maintained. After each snowfall, clear a pathway for visitors, and scrape and salt your driveway to keep ice at bay.


Be available

It’s tempting to jet off abroad to savour the last few days of sunshine before returning to Whistler’s winter wonderland. But this can be a bad move as a seller. In Whistler, many potential buyers come from far and wide, meaning they have very limited time to view properties. Showing requests can come flooding in quickly, so it’s important to be nearby so you can make sure the house is ready and available to be shown.


Complete any minor repairs

Those minor repairs that have been on your to-do list for a while may not seem important, but they will improve the competitive value of your home. Whether it’s chipped paint, rotten wood or holes in plaster, making necessary upgrades prior to selling will help speed along the sales process once an offer rolls in. Once your home is looking it’s best, we highly recommend that you get some professional photographs taken to really boost the number of appointments you will get.


Be realistic

Granted, Whistler’s real estate market is fast-paced and plentiful. But just because properties are selling quickly, it doesn’t mean you should expect to sell your home immediately and effortlessly. Buyers won’t pay ‘anything’ for a Whistler property. It’s important to take your time, and thoroughly plan the steps you need to take before you list your property. This will pay off much better in the long run than last minute scrambles and rushed deals.


Choose the right realtor

Selling your home is always an exciting time. To make the process as smooth as possible, contact local real estate professional Lance Lundy.