Pemberton maybe famous in some circles for its potatoes, but the sledding available around Spud Valley has made it famous throughout the province for some of the best snowmobiling around.


The Pemberton Ice Fields offer vast, wide open, treeless riding with spectacular views of the Coast Mountains and beyond.  A collection of glaciers, the Pemberton Ice Cap offers 300 square kilometers of powder fields, ice caves, valleys and crevasses with amazing panoramic views of the Coast Mountains. There are three access points to the Pemberton Ice Fields, with the closest access being by Rutherford Creek off Highway 99. The ride up to the ice field is a twenty-three km long trail that is groomed Fridays and Sundays by the Pemberton Valley Snowmobile Club – an access fee of $20/day to help pay for the trail maintenance.

Another great area for snowmobiling with quick access from Pemberton is the area surrounding the old gold mining town, Bralorne. Known as the “snowmobile headquarters for Western Canada,” you can ride the mountain slopes and backcountry roads around Bralorne, and stop for lunch and a warm up at the Mine Shaft Pub. Bralorne is accessible via the Pemberton Meadows Road and then over the Hurley Forest Service Road. The Hurley isn’t ploughed, so not only will you have fun once you get to Bralorne, but you will have a fun ride on you snowmobile all the way there – sometimes getting there is half the fun!

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