• March 13, 2019
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Spring is the time of year when the weather gets milder and the sun starts to shine more. The promise of summer overtakes the coldness of winter. In Whistler, you can enjoy the best of both seasons. The mountain is still covered in snow, making skiing conditions optimal but the warmer weather means opportunity for sightseeing in the valley. Take the opportunity to dust off the cleaning supplies and make your house looks fresh. You’ll feel more motivated and potential buyers will find your home more attractive. Here’s my guide to spring cleaning and how to spruce up your home.


You should start by thinking about the areas that normally get overlooked in your normal cleaning routine. By creating a plan and cleaning areas that you haven’t touched in a while you’ll feel a lot more productive.


It’s amazing how much better your home looks when it is free from clutter. Studies have shown that unnecessary clutter can make you feel a lot more stressed. Organize your closet, sort through paperwork and tidy your junk drawer. Potential buyers will be a lot more enticed by a home that is clutter free.

Work Top To Bottom

When cleaning it is always best to start from the ceiling and work down. You don’t have to worry about forgetting those high up places. Vacuuming from the ceiling will help get rid of cobwebs and remembering to dust down your furniture before you sweep or vacuum the floor will save you time.

Don’t forget the walls and windows

You might find you overlook your walls and window when you are cleaning your house. You will be surprised to see how much dust actually settles in these areas. Giving walls a wipe down with a damp towel can make a real difference. Don’t forget the windows are one of the first things a potential buyer will look at so taking some time to clean them properly will really put you at an advantage.

Think Green

Cleaning doesn’t mean you have to expose yourself to lots of chemicals. Many cleaning products can irritate the eyes or throat and cause headaches or other health problems. Steam cleaners are a great alternative. They use hot water vapour so are 100% natural and chemical free. If you don’t have a steamer, making a solution from distilled vinegar, baking soda and water is one of the best natural cleaning combinations and is really effective.

Keep on top of your spring cleaning this March and make your house attractive to potential buyers. For help and advice on selling your house, be sure to contact me.