• April 13, 2020
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Whistler Home for Sale - Virtual House Tour

As the world navigates its way through the COVID-19 pandemic, some people are also trying to navigate the significant event that is purchasing a home. While physical distancing has made showing homes a bit of challenge, it is not entirely impossible. We live in an age where technology is changing at a pace too hard to keep track of and we have been lucky enough to have access to helpful tools such as 3D cameras, video chat and virtual reality. 

While some agents and listings are still able to arrange in-person viewings under certain circumstances, the majority have also shifted their services to include live and filmed virtual house tours. This allows prospective homebuyers to view a listing that interests them without having to leave the safety and comfort of their own home. 

Do you have a listing you’d like to view online? Here are some things to consider when taking a virtual house tour.

Review the Listing Beforehand

Before taking the virtual house tour, be sure to review the listing several times in order to gain a full understanding of the house. Be sure to write down any questions you may have that you can ask during the tour.

Take Notes

While the tour is taking place, be sure to take any notes and write down any questions that arise. It’s easy to forget things as the tour goes on and notes will ensure all of your concerns and enquiries are resolved. 

Manage Distractions

Whether you are watching the tour live or it is prerecorded, be sure to manage any distractions in your surroundings. Find a quiet place, turn off or mute your cellphone and ensure you can remain focused on the tour as it is happening. Any distractions could cause you to miss something important.

Ask About Details

Even though you are not in the house yourself, it is still important to look into the details. Do not be afraid to ask the agent to step closer to something with the camera in order for you to inspect it or to send closeup photos. 

Take Multiple Tours

Buying a home is a significant purchase for most and can often be an emotional one. Homes can also make us ‘love-blind’ and lead to rash decisions.  Whether you instantly fall in love with a house or are perhaps on the fence about it, do not hesitate to book multiple tours. Multiple tours allow you to notice things you may have missed the first time. If you’re only interested in revisiting a specific area of the house, let the agent know you’d like to arrange a partial tour. 

Although these suggestions have been made for a virtual house tour, they can also be applied to an in-person tour as well. 

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