• March 13, 2020
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Brandywine Falls - Waterfalls near Whistler

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane (Brandywine Falls)


If there is one thing about Whistler that appeals to all visitors and residents, it has to be the amazing nature and views that surround us. We are so lucky to live in a place that offers a great variety of biodiversity and mountainous panoramas that constantly take our breath away. With the different seasons, the landscape is constantly changing offering surprises all year long.

As spring approaches, the winter snowpack begins to melt and makes its journey from the high alpine to the valley below. Water flows through creeks and streams, down mountains and through valleys and sometimes when we’re lucky, over a steep vertical drop granting us the natural spectacles that are waterfalls. In the Sea to Sky, we are fortunate to have some incredible waterfalls for our viewing pleasure! 

The next time you’re in the area, be sure to check out these best waterfalls near Whistler.


Shannon Falls Provincial Park

On Highway 99, 62 km south of Whistler in Squamish

Located in Squamish, Shannon Falls Provincial Park makes a great stop on the trek from Vancouver to Whistler. The park offers day-use amenities and hiking trails that spread across 87 hectares. At 335 metres tall, this magnificent waterfall is ranked British Columbia’s third-highest waterfall. The waterfall is located just a short, easy walk from the parking area.


Brandywine Falls Provincial Park

On Highway 99, 17 km south of Whistler

A very easy 1km roundtrip hike

Brandywine Falls Provincial Park offers a variety of hiking trails and day-use facilities such as picnic tables and outhouse facilities. The walk to the waterfall is just 500 metres and leads to a large viewing platform overlooking the falls and Daisy Lake. Brandywine Falls measures 70 metres in height and shows evidence of the area’s volcanic history with its ancient lava flows and basalt columns.


Alexander Falls

On Callaghan Valley Road – travel 10 km south of Whistler and then turn right and travel 10 km down Callaghan Valley Road

Located in the Callaghan Valley, Alexander Falls is easily accessible and does not require any hiking or walking to view. Water travels from Madely Creek, down this three-tiered 43-metre tall waterfall. Spend the day in the Callaghan Valley and head into Whistler Olympic Park after viewing this spectacular waterfall. Depending on the season, Whistler Olympic Park offers a variety of activities and Olympic sightseeing.


Rainbow Falls

Trailhead access on Alta Lake Road in Whistler

A 1 km roundtrip hike

Located a short walk into the forest, Rainbow Falls may not be the biggest waterfall near Whistler, however, it offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of Whistler Village. Water makes its way from Rainbow Lake, located in the alpine, to Rainbow Falls and eventually drains into Green Lake. 


Nairn Falls Provincial Park

On Highway 99, 29 km north of Whistler in Pemberton

A 3 km roundtrip hike

Nairn Falls Provincial Park is located just outside of the town of Pemberton. This park offers overnight camping, day-use facilities and a hiking trail to a spectacular waterfall. The trail to the waterfall itself is 1.5 km and is relatively easy. The water that travels over Nairn Falls comes from the Green River and drops over 40 metres down this two-tiered waterfall. The erosive power of the water has created unique potholes and tunnels along the fall’s canyon.


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