A message from Lance…

I remember the day we all gathered in the Village square to listen to the announcement that Vancouver/Whistler won the bid for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. There were thousands of people in the square and that day will always be etched in my memory as I thought that I would never see the Village be this vibrant and exciting ever again. Well, I was wrong! 2010 came faster than we had all imagined and the Village was as vibrant as it was that announcement day and it was like that every night of the Olympics. It was really a feeling that is very difficult to describe because it involved so many things.

None of us knew what to expect and the weeks preceding the Games were unsettling to us all to say the least. There were virtually no people here and the shops were empty. We were all asking ourselves if this was going to be a bust or what?? The eve of the Olympics brought much anticipation as we prepared to get up at 4:30 am to get to the busses that would take us to our first event in the morning. We drove into town and still the streets were empty and there were very few people around. We made it to the ski jumping in the Callahan and had a fantastic time and agreed that we’d take a walk through the Village on our return. We got off the bus and walked into the Village and it was like they air-dropped 100,000 people smack dab into the middle of the Village. It was unbelievable to say the least!!

Every day we met new people from various parts of the world and listened to their stories and in every case we heard nothing but praise for our little Village of Whistler. People were having so much fun and enjoying everything that Whistler has to offer that so many of us take for granted because we see it every day. They loved how the Village was laid out, they loved the amenities we have, they loved the shops and most of all they loved the skiing. Many we spoke to said they’ll be back here for the summer because they now realize that Whistler is a year round community and not just a ski resort. Summer activities include golfing, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, horse back riding, sailing and so much more.

Most of the people we spoke to were also surprised at how reasonable our real estate prices were compared to where they come from. Our resort is still a great buy when you compare our pricing to other major ski resorts in the U.S.A. and Europe. The economy has forced our prices to remain very soft here for a few years and in this past year we have also seen pricing come down to reflect the state of the economy. Serious sellers have made an impact on pricing and there have been many good opportunities come available.

If you would just like to chat about the Whistler market or any Whistler property, please give me a call as it would be my pleasure to hear from you and share what Whistler might have to offer you and your family.

Lance Lundy
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