• June 29, 2019
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open house

When selling your house, an open house is a great way to get a lot of interested buyers to look at your home. But you how can you make sure your house is giving its best impression? Here are some tips for a flawless open house.


You may think this sounds obvious but having a clean house can make a real difference in how buyers perceive the property. You should make sure everything is looking pristine. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, hire a professional cleaner.

Remove personal items

Interested buyers want to be able to look at the house and visualize it as their own. Getting rid of your personal items can make this a lot easier for them to do so. Buyers don’t want to see a house that is full of clutter.

No Pets

Although you may think your dog will help with the sale, some buyers may have allergies or do not like animals. Make sure pets are taken elsewhere during the viewing and there is no trace of them. If this is not possible, confine them to one space.

Put up signs

You want to make sure your house is easy to find. Have a big sign outside the front of your house with balloons so interested parties can see where your house is. If they are struggling to find you, you may lose a potential sale.


You can really enhance a room by just having the right lighting. Think about the lights in each room and how you can add tasteful lamps. Open all blinds and curtains to create a brighter atmosphere by filling the room with natural light.

Sunday viewings

You should think about when the best time and day is for your buyers. Most open houses are held on a Sunday afternoon. By sticking with tradition, more viewers are likely to be available.

Listen to feedback

Use the opportunity to listen to what is said. Collect contacts, follow up with them and ask for feedback.

Hosting an open house is a great way to show lots of buyers what you have on offer. I can help you plan, advertise, and host your open house. Please contact me for more information.