• November 28, 2019
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Whistler village in winter - tips for winter moving


Winter is here! Although this time of year is generally meant for fun in the snow, festive activities and holiday shopping, for some, winter moving may also be on the schedule. At first thought, moving in the winter may seem like a crazy idea. Whether you plan on hiring movers or moving everything yourself, follow these simple tips for winter moving to make your move a breeze.


Protect Your Floors

People will be coming in and out of the house all day, and the last thing you want is to ruin the carpet or flooring in your new home. Place floor mats at all of the entrances in use and lay down blankets or tarps to protect your floors from snow, salt and winter boots.


Adjust the Heating

Your doors are going to spend the majority of the day open, so having your furnace running is not a wise idea. It will be working overtime to compensate for the cold air constantly rushing in, leading to a massive hydro bill. We suggest turning your heat down or completely off for the day. If available, you could leave certain heaters running in isolated rooms such as bathrooms or certain bedrooms with closed doors. 


Snow Removal

This is probably the tip that will make or break your move day. Keep an eye on the weather before your moving day and make arrangements for snow removal and de-icing. This includes the driveway, sidewalks and any walkways you will need. Moving a dresser is hard enough without having to trudge through knee-deep snow or across a slippery surface.  


Prepare Warm Treats

Warm snacks and drinks offer a nice break throughout the day. To make things super simple, prepare a stew or chilli in a crockpot that can cook itself while you work through the first half of the day. Have warm drinks like hot cocoa or mulled cider as a nice pick-me-up during a midday break or to toast to a successful move at the end of the day.


Be Gentle

Certain items can become more fragile or finicky when left out in the cold. We suggest double wrapping fragile items to protect them from chilly temperatures. “Fragile” labels will help the movers distinguish between items and ensure they are more cautious. 

Keep in mind that some electronics may become finicky when left in cold temperatures. Be patient and gentle with them when first booting them up.

If moving is in the plans for you this winter, don’t fret. Following our tips for winter moving and being prepared will help your big day go by without any hitches and have you settled all warm and cozy in your new home in no time! 

If you’re looking for the perfect winter vacation or permanent home in Whistler, contact me today to experience a whole new level of service. My knowledge and experience in Whistler real estate will not disappoint.