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Welcome to Whistler!! The good news is that Canada has no restrictions to foreign ownership and in fact Whistler is all about a diverse mix of owners from all parts of the world. I do business on a daily basis with clients from the United States, Mexico, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world so I welcome your interest and hope that I can assist you in becoming the newest non-resident owner in Whistler. By leveraging technology (electronic signature software, digital transactions, and video walk-throughs) we can make the purchase of property by non-residents simple and straightforward. I work closely with a team of experienced specialists to ensure the purchase process goes smoothly.

There are many unknowns when we invest in a foreign country and the tax laws that relate to each of us are one of those things. Any information relating to non-resident tax implications can be obtained by contacting Linda McKean at BDO Dunwoody Chartered Accountants or by visiting Linda will be able to explain this process in the simplest of terms.

BDO Dunwoody has put together an information package to aide in the process of streamlining the introduction of non-resident investors to the tax system in Canada.

Although you may have an excellent relationship with your bank at home, a foreign bank cannot register a mortgage in Canada. Non-resident buyers should open a bank account when they are in Canada and have their personal identification form verified through either their lawyer or real estate agent to begin the purchase process. Arranging the necessary financing on your Whistler purchase is made easy by contacting Annie de la Chevrotiere at Peak to Peak Mortgage. Non-resident investors in Canada are required to have an equity position of 25% – 50% depending on the type of property that you may be investing in. You can reach Annie and learn more about financing your purchase by visiting:

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Business is conducted in a variety of ways in various parts of the world and traditions vary from country to country. In some parts of the world you must discuss the property of interest only with the agent or agency that has the property advertised for sale. In Whistler that is not the case and we encourage you to build a relationship with one agent who will act on your behalf and in your best interest. We have our own exclusive listing system in Whistler so I have the information on every property offered for sale in Whistler by every agency at my fingertips. It will be my pleasure to send you information on our Whistler real estate market and to assist you in finding the right investment for you and your family.