When someone new comes to Whistler, they might ask, after driving around checking out the different neighbourhoods, which is the best? Well, the truth is…there are no bad neighbourhoods in Whistler. Which one is the best, however, depends on what you are looking for – are you single? A couple with no kids? Do you come up every weekend? Once a year? Do you live here full time? If you have kids, are they toddlers? School age? Highschool? The answer to these questions make a big difference as to which area of Whistler will be better suited for you.

Whistler has approximately nineteen distinct neighbourhoods, twenty if you count Pine Crest and Black Tusk as separate areas, but really, only they count themselves as separate entities, so we’ll just let them be. Some of them are great for weekenders, some for singles, and then there are always a couple of neighbourhoods that are great for families. The family neighbourhoods in Whistler have evolved over the years, but all of them have characteristics in common that make them stand out as family friendly for those who live in Whistler.
First off, there is the proximity to schools. Whistler Cay/Tapley’s was one of the first family friendly neighbourhoods thanks to its nearness to Whistler’s only school at the time and the “Mothers, dogs and children” land lottery system that was in place. With time, and the addition of the highschool and Spring Creek, new neighbourhoods came on line as the place to raise a family – namely Alpine, Spruce Grove and Spring Creek.
Affordability also plays a role in making a neighbourhood family friendly. As with the MDC lottery, employee restricted pricing on the homes in Rainbow and Cheakamus have drawn young families from other areas to these addresses.
What’s another reason that these neighbourhoods have become so popular? Because of the people. People are drawn to places where other people are, and if you drive through Rainbow or Cheakamus after school or on the weekend, you will see all sorts of people out and about. Kids playing street hockey, moms walking dogs and pushing strollers, ad hoc soccer games and basketball in the summer, snowmen, forts and sleigh tracks in the winter.
If you have a family, and are thinking of moving to Whistler, you will know, by looking around you, that you have found a great family neighbourhood!
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