• December 12, 2018
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The holiday season is fast approaching. Whistler village is looking very festive, with snow falling and lights illuminating the village. Buying a house this time of year may not be at the forefront of your mind. But here’s why the holiday season is actually the perfect time to do so.

Less competition

A smaller inventory of buyers means you won’t be competing with multiple offers. December has a reputation for being a bad month to buy, meaning lots of potential buyers will wait until the New Year. Many are keen to take a break from searching for the perfect home to enjoy the festivities. Competing with multiple offers is said to be the most stressful part of the home-buying process. By buying over the holidays, you can save yourself from competition to get your perfect home, making the process considerably less stressful.

People are keen to sell

If someone has their house on the market over the holiday period, it means that they’re serious about selling. They may be relocating and want to move their property quickly. Motivated parties can make everything run smoother which will save you time and make everything easier.

Seasonal sales

Another reason the holiday period is a great time to sell your home is seasonal sales. Take advantage of furniture discounts to get your new home all kitted out before the New Year.

Realistic picture of your house

It’s hard to deny, sunshine and spring flowers can make any house look brighter and more enticing. Buying in the winter can give you a realist depiction of what the house you are viewing is like. In addition to how the outside looks, the winter period can enable a buyer to check for any heating issues, doors that jam in the cold, and other problems you might not notice straight away at another time of year.

People are in good moods and more likely to be generous

With all the festivities, generally people tend to be in better moods. This can reflect well on housing exchanges and sellers and more likely to take a lower offer at the time of year.

Whistler is the perfect place for a second home

Being in Whistler over the holidays is been every bit as magical as you would have imagined. The village is filled with lights, there is plenty of fun activities for all the family, and the snow will leave you longing to come back. Have a look at my listings and find your perfect holiday home today.