Sea to Sky Nordic Festival is biggest sporting event to ever hit Callaghan Valley
From long-distance flyers to dead-eye shooters to aerobically fit athletes pushing the limit of human endurance, Whistler Olympic Park will see all that Nordic skiing has to offer over the next 16 days.
Oh yeah, and a giant, eight-foot skiing rabbit by the name of Klister.
The Sea to Sky Nordic Festival in the Callaghan Valley marks the first time that Canadian championships in cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski jumping and Nordic combined are being contested at the same venue during the same period.
“It’s an idea that has been explored over several years,” said Davin McIntosh, executive director of Cross Country Canada. “This time, we got together with biathlon and the other sports early enough to make it feasible.
“We all managed to get our programs aligned. It’s an exciting prospect for us, to see how it works and how it affects attendance.
“One thing that’s nice about the Callaghan and the Whistler Olympic Park venue is that it has tremendous capacity for event hosting.”
The championships are expected to attract some 900 athletes — 300 more than were in the Callaghan during the 2010 Winter Olympics — plus a over-sized furry mascot on skinny skis.
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By Gary Kingston, Vancouver Sun March 15, 2013

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