• June 04, 2018
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At a first impression, Whistler can seem like a wild haven for young people who live to ski and board. While this is true, it also offers a fantastic full-time lifestyle for those looking to retire. In 2011, there were 1,370 individuals ages 55-85 plus living in this fantastic location, and since then this figure has certainly risen. In fact, it’s likely the only reason some assume there are less older people living here is because they refuse to live life how they think a senior is supposed to act. The incredibly active, committed and well-connected older Whistler residents are truly the backbone of our caring community. For those who are older, but not ready to give up an exhilarating and active life, here’s why Whistler could be your ideal new home.

Keeping Fit

When you move to Whistler, you’ll quickly swap your indoor days for skiing adventures on our infamous mountains, hikes around some of BC’s most stunning lakes, or even exciting activities you’ve never even tried before. We are truly spoilt with the biggest and greatest playground right at our doorstep, so you’ll no longer have to worry about retirement meaning the end of a healthy and active lifestyle. The Whistler community even offers many activities and groups for older residents, such as the Whistler Senior Ski Team.

A welcoming community

Whistler is blessed with an incredibly welcoming, safe and friendly community. We’re constantly striving to become an increasingly accessible and inclusive resort community, and everyone who stays for an extended period of time quickly becomes an integral part of our extended family. With a small town vibe, it’s easy to quickly feel integrated, and you’ll soon spot familiar faces on your hikes, out getting groceries, or in the local library.

Four Seasons Fun

If you’re recently retired, the amount of free time you now suddenly have can seem a little daunting. In Whistler, with such an endless amount of activities on offer all year round, you’ll quickly find yourself with a busy schedule. In the winter, Whistler boasts over 8,000 acres of ski terrain that attracts people from all over the world. And in the summer, the stunning lakes and alpine meadows are so inviting you’ll find yourself on new adventures time and time again.

The Village

Whistler Village is packed with all the amenities you could ever need, including a post-office, dental surgery, and full-service medical centre which offers full scale x-ray, imaging, and lab services and acute care services available on-site. During spring and autumn, the town calms before the next influx of people. This means the village quietens, and you can gently meander through picturesque streets and get some great deals on clothing, fine dining, and even treats from the end of the summer markets.

An Ideal Location

In Whistler, you get the best of both worlds. While seeming like it’s own tranquil haven tucked away from the action, Whistler is actually only an hour or two from Vancouver. Daily bus transits like the Greyhound Canada allow you to travel easily to and from the city whilst enjoying spectacular coastal mountain views on the BC Highway #99- Sea-to-Sky Highway. Your proximity to Vancouver, and its international airport, means you can easily treat yourself to a weekend city break, or even travel further afield.

Whistler provides the perfect blend of action and relaxation, making it an ideal location for older people still seeking an adventurous lifestyle. Contact Lance Lundy for more information on what it’s like living in Whistler, or for help searching for a property that best meets your needs and budget.